Spoken like a candidate after my vote!

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From a Libertarian Convention page

GOP hopes to block Pawlenty challenger

Jeffers acknowledges that few people think she has even a remote chance of knocking off an incumbent governor at his own party’s convention in June. But she says she speaks for many fiscal conservatives who are unhappy with Pawlenty’s compromises and reversals on a host of issues.

“Let’s slap him up a bit, at the very least,” Jeffers said

The title of this article has been morphing, from a focus on Jeffers, to now, a focus on GOP blocking her bid. They’re arguing over whether she’s really a Republican, but Republican, Libertarian, even if a Repug, she’s got the right attitude!

But her positions on the issues, vouchers, TABOR, those “frivolous” lawsuits (sounds like Newt on the radio yesterday), AAAAAAAAAAGH! OH, MY DOG — AWFUL! Correction: OFFAL! Here’s the Sue Jeffers for Governor site. See for yourself.

But still… “Let’s slap him up a bit, at the very least” …sigh…

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