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Regime change begins at home!

Though not in time to stop the prior regime’s declaration that there would be no candidate signs or display tables at the convention (how bizarre, this is a county political convention!?!?!), the spirit of the Rice County DFL convention was clearly spirited. And in strolls the new boss, up early in the a.m., all decked out and ready to rock — the Screening Committee (NOTE CORRECTION!!) got a screening done — did their job as best they could with half missing — the nomination was made and the guy with the mighty mighty pen (laptop?) won the election and is the new chair! As someone said, “That just isn’t done!” But of course it is, particularly where a situation warrants change, where the people demand change. Right guy in the right place, ready to take it on, couldn’t be better! As the Larry Long tune goes, it’s time to “STAND UP!” Or for that matter, “BE THE CHANGE!” (Can you tell Larry Long was there last night? Below…)

Erick Sommers is the new Chair of the Rice County DFL! It’s a new day. Erick Sommers can put his creativity to the test and lead the Rice County DFL to help unseat a couple of others who need to be shown the door — Rep. Ray Cox and Sen. Tom Neuville. This is going to be a fun election season! Let’s get to work!


Lift up your voice
Let it roll like thunder
Be the change you believe in
Where hatred sleeps
Where truth never slumbers
Be the change you believe in

Stand up (Stand up)
For the children
Stand up (Stand up)
For the people
Stand up (Stand up)
For each other

Larry Long & J.D. Steele


Headwaters to Gulf Jazz & Heritage Festival

Last night there was a benefit in my old neighborhood for a group that’s been helping out in New Orleans — Mission from Minnesota. I got a call to work on sound from Diane Anderson, who I’d worked with for years on the 9-Oscar show at the Riv (right Ross?!?!) back in my KFAI days. Why not, though I’m too long in the tooth to be hauling base bins up the stairs of Wilebski’s! It was light duty and a good time!

Willie Murphy did “People Get Ready” and noted that one verse always reminded him of politicians:

There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner whom would hurt all mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there is no hiding place against the kingdoms throne


Laurie Trach and her family, the Santiagos, three generations, started getting the crowd going, and the Rev. Lance Eden of the First United Methodist Church of New Orleans brought them to their feet!


It was Rev. Lance and then Mick LaBriola and his “Beau Koo Jacks” that brought down the house…


If you’re in need some mood music here in Minnesota, here’re the Meters.

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