Doug Jones doesn’t remember that Ray Cox sponsored “Cookies with Cox” at the Archer House… but many of us do!

Here’s the Northfield News story:
Bly cleared in 2004 pie debate

He filed a Campaign Finance Complaint about pie… unreal… It does not get much pettier than this — Doug Jones has said some utterly false things in the paper about candidates and wind turbines, he showed up every day for the 2002 25B recount, he’s hosted a “Take back the Senate” house party at his award-winning “biggest 2 BR house in Rice Co.” home, and seems to be a wheeler-dealer in Republican politics, but just because he’s richer than Dog and contributing to many political campaigns doesn’t mean he’s got good judgment. And we’re seeing more evidence that the opposite is true.

Way back when, in June 2004, Speaker Sviggum sent a nasty threatening letter, stating he’d file charges about serving pie in the park. He stated in a St.PPP article that he didn’t know of other candidates doing this, but that was a lie because he sent the same threatening letter to Jeanne Poppe for her “Popsicles in the Park.” Sviggum ended up being the laughingstock of Minnesota politics after this fiasco, just ask the boys at AM1550 who were snorting out loud!

Sviggum pig nose.jpg
Speaker Sviggum – ugly politics personified

So Wheeling Township’s Douglas C. Jones files a Complaint with the Campaign Finance Board about the pie.
Here’s the CF Board’s ruling: Download file

You can catch Doug at Ray’s site serving lemonade and at the Rotary Bike Tour and as host for the annual Rotary Picnic. Given Jones’ antics, is this someone Ray wants to be associated with, someone he wants to take money from? Hmmmmmm…

Face it, Republicans, you’re wrong, you’re fabricating an issue, and with your baseless threats and frivolous compalints, you’re exposing your true colors and are a walking-talking liability exposure! Get over it! Enough of the petty partisan politics! It’s time to talk about issues!

As Sviggum noted in the St. PPP on March 31, 1999, “Pies don’t cream people, people cream people!”


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