And here we go — the Public Utilities Commission has announced the first Comment period on the just-applied-for “Mankato-Mississippi 345 kV Transmission Line” or the “Wilmarth-North Rochester-Tremval 345 kV” depending on who’s talking…

At least 2 of my clients are affected by this, clients that I’ve heard from and are outraged, and likely many more are in the way of this project. These 2 clients’ families have already had way too much experience challenging unneeded utility projects. And yeah, here we go again.

It’s PUC Dockets CN-22-532 and TL-23-157. (if you need help, see MN PUC – How To eDockets)

What to comment on?

Big question is “given all the other transmission proposed for Minnesota, WHY? What’s the need?”

Get to work!!!

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