Just in — Verbatim from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency:

Proposed rules
Second Request for Comments on Planned Amendments to Air Quality Rules – Air Toxics Emissions Reporting
April 1, 2024 Second Request for Comments on Planned Amendments to Air Quality Rules Relating to Air Toxics Emissions Reporting The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) published a Request for Comments (RFC) on planned amendments to air quality rules relating to air toxics emissions reporting in the July 24, 2023, State Register. A second RFC was published in the April 1, 2024, State Register. This rulemaking is referred to as the Air Toxics Emissions Reporting Rule (Revisor ID# R-4599). The RFC includes instructions on how to comment. The public comment period closes at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

The main purpose of this rulemaking is to establish new rules for air toxics emissions reporting requirements for facilities located in the 7-county metro area, as directed by Minnesota Session Law – 2023. The purpose of this second RFC is to incorporate the repeal of certain sections of chapter 7007 that allow a Title V air permittee to assert emergency affirmative defense. The EPA has repealed these provisions from the Clean Air Act Title V operating permit program regulations and has set a deadline for states to remove this language, or to seek an extension to remove the language as soon as practicable, by August 21, 2024. The MPCA has applied for an extension and intends to repeal the language with this rulemaking since the air quality rule chapters are already open for air toxics emissions reporting.

The notice is also available by visiting the MPCA webpage for this rulemaking. Information about the MPCA’s concepts for amending the rules is also available on the rulemaking webpage. To access information about a particular rulemaking, visit the public rulemaking docket

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