Join the fun! (SNORT!) Learn about air permitting — how Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) air quality permitting process works, how to write a comment, and what current and planned emissions are.

Unfortunately, it’s the same time as the City Council meeting. Well, drat… will have to make sure it’s recorded.

A few months ago, I started pushing the MPCA for a meeting here in Red Wing, informational, to let folks know what’s going on. The air permit for this plant expired in 2009, and although Xcel Energy has applied for renewal, the MPCA has not gotten to it yet (nor for so many air permits in Minnesota, Alan filed Data Practices Act Request and got the list, most air permits were waiting in line with nothing happening).

Alan and I have also been on the Red Wing City Council to push for action on this. They did send a letter to the MPCA, urging action, but that was years ago. HOWEVER, progress — they did schedule a meeting! And best of all, during this, we learned that they are working on the air permit renewal! Draft permit isn’t out yet, but maybe soon?

p.s. Here’s the link for Minnesota Air Quality — or lack thereof!

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