TVA coal ash slide – UPDATES

December 27th, 2008


The only good news in this is that the media is picking this up, it’s not going to be “disappeared.”

From the “field” or from the slime, muck & yuck, here are updates.  Special thanks to United Mountain Defense, John Walthen, Nicholas Mann, Tom Swinford, Chris Irwin, Donna Lisenby, Dot Griffith, and all those doing tremendous work getting the word and pictures out (whose names haven’t shown up in the emails I’ve received).  This is a clear example of the importance of the internet.

Here’s from The Tennessean:

Thallium, lead levels are up near TVA spill

TVA triples spill estimate

Would you believe 5.4 million cubic yards?   Can you even imagine that?

A video from the scene by people taking water samples on the Emory River:

There is a great collection of photos on Photobucket:

TVA coal ash photos here

A general view of the devastation, being downplayed by TVA and the coal industry:

Here you can watch the cops clearing out the area (at the end), can’t have this showing up on YouTube, don’t cha know:

And this photo by Dot Griffith puts it all together:


2 Responses to “TVA coal ash slide – UPDATES”

  1. Mary Jo stueve Says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking…thank you Carol for having your heart and head in the right place and keeping us posted to the ongoing tragic devastation and consequences of energy ‘choices’ — which we so need to change, and how. mj

  2. Jude Moriarty-NH Says:

    Gosh/ where’s Al Gore when ya need him? And he’s worried about greenhouse gasses? How about – not only these folk in Tenn/ but Potter County- Ala- where this stuff is being DUMPED by the trainload. Folks there are now GETTING sick. See Tuscaloosa News.

    Then there’s the Dominican Republic where barges of this stuff are being dumped – MULTIPLE birth deformities!! Doesn’t it amaze everyone that you have security guards/cops – doing the DIRTY work for industry- Victims attacking Victims!! It was the same in the days of Robber Barons hiring stooges to BEAT down coal miners striking for better conditions.

    What would these hucksters do if they couldn’t hire SHILLS to do their dirty work? They must be laughing their heads off seeing a local cop – NOT arresting the real culprits but harassing environmentalists?Guess they don’t think about their kids/neighbors sickened – property destroyed.

    NOTE one thing. Be it these toxic sludge ponds – incineration – oil disasters / they don’t live where they DEFECATE. Here we are with supposed “CHANGE” and the same poisoning continues – same mountain top removal. Republican or Democrat they are ALL sold out to special interests.

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