Bottom line: The court recommends Eastman be disbarred.

His true colors came out in this trial:

Despite the compelling evidence against him, as established in the culpability findings above, Eastman remains defiant, refusing to acknowledge any impropriety whatsoever in his actions surrounding his efforts to dispute the 2020 presidential election results. His lack of insight into the wrongfulness of his misconduct is deeply troubling.

He took a tRumpian stance:

Eastman’s complete denial of wrongdoing, coupled with his attempts to discredit legitimate disciplinary proceedings are concerning. While Eastman is entitled to defend himself, his conduct goes beyond this, revealing a complete failure to understand the wrongfulness of his actions. His unwillingness to consider the impropriety of his conduct goes “beyond tenacity to truculence.” (In re Morse (1995) 11 Cal.4th 184, 209 [unwillingness to consider appropriateness of legal challenge or acknowledge its lack of merit is aggravating].) Accordingly, the court assigns substantial weight in aggravation under this factor. (In the Matter of Layton (Review Dept. 1993) 2 Cal. State Bar Ct. Rptr. 366, 380-381 [ongoing failure to acknowledge wrongdoing instills concern that attorney may commit future misconduct].)

As the tRump dockets move forward, it’s time to indict Eastman, and get the goods on his buddy Ginni Thomas, and his former boss, Clarence Thomas. ONWARD!

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