Xcel Energy’s SEC 10-K

February 21st, 2024

Xcel’s 10-K is out, and here it is:

Check it out.

First, the peak demand, as Xcel is making bizarre claims now of projected 1.8% increase in peak demand, changed from 0.2%, or is it -0.2%, in their “Revised Application” for the MN Energy CON transmission line. Here’s “peak demand” for 2023, compared with “peak demand” for 2022. Note 2023 is LOWER than 2022, and peak demand remains essentially FLAT. DOH!

From Xcel’s IRP, filed just the other day, Chapter 1, p. 7 of 15:

And this, IRP, Chapter 3, 2 of 29:

And this, IRP Chapter 3, p. 3 of 29:

Are we really supposed to take this seriously?? Here’s peak demand over the last 24 years:

This little tidbit from p. 17 of the SEC 10-K, under “Risk Factors,” kinda says it all:

Once more with feeling:

Connect the dots, it isn’t rocket science, it’s only electricity.

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