Got a pissive from American Transmission Company (ATC) — apparently it objects to World Organization for Landowner Freedom’s (WOLF)_Petition-for-Intervention in the Minnesota PowerHVDC Modernization” docket (Public Utilities Commission dockets E015/CN-22-607 and E015/TL-22-611).

Here’s ATC‘s Objection:

And here’s World Organization of Landowner Freedom’s response, filed this afternoon:

Take that, American Transmission Company! I clearly remember how nasty they were during the Arrowhead-Weston projects, years of hearing their arguments that were so twisted. I wish I still had the 12 or more boxes from that project, Minnesota and Wisconsin dockets, stretching from 1999 to 2005.

In Minnesota, the issue was whether the project should be exempt from the Power Plant Siting Act. W.O.L.F. was the only intervenor to take it to the MN Court of Appeals, and we lost, went down in flames.

The Wisconsin hearing (05-CE-113) starting in January 2000, or was it 2001… anyway, learning the technical aspects of transmission was intense, so much so that my brain hurt.

But back to ATC’s Objection to W.O.L.F.’s Intervention… Later this afternoon, Minnesota Power filed stating it had no objection to W.O.L.F.’s Intervention, and no objection to LIUNA’s (union group) late-filed Petition for Intervention, noting they’d been participating all along:

Well, that’s good! Now, onward! Any time now, the Administrative Law Judge Mortenson can decide on Intervention.

Here’s the schedule from the Prehearing Order:

Time to get some Information Requests ready to file!

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