Update on Summit CO2 pipeline

October 21st, 2023

This good news is about the Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS Carbon Transport LLC)’s Midwest Carbon Express from North Dakota Public Service Commission:

North Dakota regulators deny siting permit for Summit carbon dioxide pipeline; company will reapply

And in trying to find that North Dakota Public Service Commission denial of the “SCS Carbon Transport LLC” (Summit Carbon Solutions) application for the “Midwest Carbon Express” pipeline, I found this map, showing a more extensive intrusion into Minnesota, not just southern Minnesota but way up into central Minnesota:

And the aerial version:

Here’s the North Dakota PSC’s Order:

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order

They’ve filed for Reconsideration, no surprise.

For full SCS Carbon Transport/Midwest Carbon Express docket click HERE!

The Minnesota Summit docket (PPL-22-422) is segmented, so far, just a small part of what’s planned for Minnesota, this part near the North Dakota border. It’s good to know that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is aware of the North Dakota denial:

Though the Summit Carbon response seems a bit too optimistic!

Meanwhile, the Scoping Decision is out for this Minnesota Summit docket (PPL-22-422), the segmented 28 mile portion in west-central Minnesota, which means that the Draft EIS will be submitted for comment sometime, though probably not soon — GET READY TO COMMENT:

And the other good news is that I can’t find any other Summit Carbon Solutions, SCS Carbon Transport, or Midwest Carbon Express dockets. Perhaps I’m missing something?? Or perhaps it really is good news…

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