Got the best news from a client today — the “Heartland Greenway” CO2 pipeline project has been withdrawn, killed, canceled, and/or put on hold:

Navigator kills its $3.5B carbon capture pipeline across Iowa, South Dakota, other states

Major Navigator CO2 pipeline project is on hold while the company reevaluates the route in 5 states

It would cover much of Iowa, and just this 12 mile stretch in Minnesota, starting at the Valero ethanol plant to the east of Welcome, MN:

And while catching up on the Navigator CO2 pipeline, more good news — it’s time to catch up. This good news is about the Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS Carbon Transport LLC)’s Midwest Carbon Express from North Dakota Public Service Commission:

North Dakota regulators deny siting permit for Summit carbon dioxide pipeline; company will reapply

I’ll put this Summit CO2 pipeline info in a separate postDONE!

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