… utterly rational “correction” I presume?

Otter Tail Corporation’s stock has had major dive. It was slowly rising over the year, in July it was over 40, a peak of 46.15, but then, waaaaaaay, down, now it’s at 16.38.  Yes, we know, we’re in a depression, but Otter Tail’s dive is significantly worse than, say, Xcel’s.

CLICK HEREL Otter Tail stock chart over last year

Contrast with Xcel, lower all along but not so drastic, high of 23.50 and now 17.87.

CLICK HERE: Xcel Energy stock chart over last year

And there’s at least one of Otter Tail’s major investors with egg on his face:

Meringue, that is…

Who’s else has gotten carried away investing in coal a la Otter Tail?

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