Dairyland backs off… but…

November 7th, 2008

There was a public meeting scheduled for next week about Dairyland’s plan to open a new coal ash dump, er… an “off-site disposal facility for coal combustion byproducts.”  Uh-huh…

A couple of days ago, they canceled it, and had a press conference, where they stated:

Today, Dairyland Power Cooperative is extremely pleased to announce that we are indefinitely suspending the permitting process… All testing and permitting activities and future development plans will be halted at all three potential sites: the two sites in the town of Harmony and the site adjacent to the Vernon County landfill.

Here’s the whole enchilada:

Press Conference Statement – November 3 2008

And more:

Genoa Disposal Facility Suspension – November 3 2008

Same point, same language distributed differently… IT’S OVER!

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