AAARGH, I just realized that the due date for these Scoping Comments that I wrote on my “Northfield AUAR” file was “3/2/23” and the due date WAS 3/2/23. My brain said 3/3/23 all week long…

Well, sheeeeeeeee-it. Stopped, saved it to PDF, and fired it off. And the date on what I sent was February 21, 2023, when I started. Guess I’d best correct that. OK, done. AAAAAAAAAARGH! These projects that I just dive into, of course not having enough time to devote to it, it’s SO frustrating, but it’s GOT to be done! Guess the good news is that I don’t have a client on this to answer to!!

And this is hugely important, the 2011 Northfield Business and Industrial Plan:

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