PJM transmission maps “are no longer publicly available.” Did you know that? Same with other transmission maps, now deemed “Critical Electric Infrastructure Information” and TOP SECRET. What utter crap.

Anyway, now that I’m settled in Delaware for a while, I’m digging around in PJM info, lots of which is “publicly available.” They’re doing pretty much the same thing out here that CapX 2020 is doing in Minnesota, but worse, because this is a “National Electric Interest Transmission Corridor,” so they can do whatever they want, if a state says “NO” they just go to the feds and FERC will give them what they want. But go figure, the states here in the Mid-Atlantic don’t regulate transmisison, so why do the think they need “NEITC” status?

Here’s their overall plan: PJM Regional Transmission Plan page

Here are some important pieces:

RTEP 2007 Table of Contents

RTEP 2007 – Executive Summary

RTEP 2007 – Xmsn System Expansion Drivers

RTEP 2007 – Section 3A – Approved 15 Year Xmsn Expansion Plan

RTEP 2007 – Section 3B – Approved 15 Year Xmsn Expansion Plan

RTEP 2007 – Section 3C – Approved 15 Year Xmsn Expansion Plan

RTEP 2007 – Section4 – Delaware

RTEP 2007 – Section 4 – New Jersey

RTEP 2007 – Section 5 – Addressing Long-Term Challenges

Another thing that bears a look-see is their forecasting report:

PJM 2008 Load and Forecast Report

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