December 4th, 2022

Yesterday, at around 8 p.m., multiple electric substations in Moore County were shot up, three it appears, and at least 40,000 people out of power. Today’s it’s been disclosed, law enforcement from every possible jurisdiction is involved. Sheriff says there’s evidence it’s intentional — well, DOH, how could it not be??


State of Emergency declared, starting at 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., shelters are open starting at 4 p.m.

Folks there are saying “I need to do laundry,” and “what about my freezer,” Earth to Mars, if that’s your major concern, you are indeed privileged. It takes a long time to get a transformer replacement, so even if they can rewire everything up, without that transformer, nothing happens. People have need for electricity for oxygen, refrigerating meds, ventilators, heat, pumps for water and gas, and cell service is out, the list goes on. Get out the camping gear (set up a tent in the living room, helps keep warm), don’t open the freezer/fridge (and when you do, start cooking), use ice to extent possible, solar and batteries and generator (use sparingly), and check in with your neighbors to make sure everyone’s OK. Pool resources. Work together! Temp isn’t too bad, ~49 now, down to 34 tonight, and up to 59 tomorrow, tonight will be the lowest for a few days — that will help.

If you’re able to leave, that’d be a good bet.


Sheriff: Vandalism Cuts Power Across North Carolina County

Mass power outage in North Carolina being investigated as ‘criminal occurrence’

Rundown of impacts, from Andrew Wilkins in Moore County

Emergency Declared and Curfew Ordered Following Moore Power Grid Attack:

Is it any wonder…

Accelerationist Guide Calls for Metcalf-Style Attacks on ‘Sitting Duck’ Electricity Infrastructure

That’s a federal violation, Critical Energy Infrastructure and all:

North Carolina: FBI investigates gun attack on Moore County power grid

And yes, Emily Grace Rainey did tweet “The power is out… and I know why” on fb too:

… and received a visit from the sheriff, who apparently said howdy and left. Apparently she is well known locally, and helped organize the 3 busloads who went up for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Here she is with the sheriff, who went to her home after the outage, and rumor has it prayed with her. This photo of Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields and Emily Grace Rainey at a Back the Red White & Blue event in Southern Pines on Oct. 17, 2020:

Accelerationist Guide Calls for Metcalf-Style Attacks on ‘Sitting Duck’ Electricity Infrastructure

Wonder if her farm has electricity today?

Here’s a video of her with the Proud Boys, etc.:

I’d guess the FBI will be on this. Local law enforcement not so much…

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