Here’s the hot topic in District 41 — School treats???? …yawn… to which she said, “You do realize speaking out against treats in schools is the most gutsy thing a citizen can do.” ummmmm, no… yawn… I don’t… sigh…and she says, “well yeah….but seriously, I have written about many hot issues, and the only time somebody called to rant into my phone was when I sounded off on this topic. It was a ‘how can you be against this…these little treats…they make life worth living’ rant.” Oh… my… Dog! I’m glad I don’t know… I don’t want to know… I think I’d rather be campaign manager for a bloodsucking gubernatorial candidate than fight yahoos over donuts in school (school bus dispatch experience would be a plus, eh?). On second thought, maybe I’ll fight the donuts… and if ya can’t beat ’em…


For the health of kids, drop the birthday treats

Here’s hoping candidates for public office consider the costly and lethal fallout from diabetes stated in your Jan. 17 editorial; here’s hoping they get the need to “insist on habit-changing help from every public and private enterprise that can give it.”

As a parent of two elementary schoolchildren I know treats are frequently provided during class time — for birthdays and parties, and sometimes as rewards. Even with the teacher’s statement that sugar causes energy surges and people need not provide birthday treats, during September in one classroom birthday treats were offered on seven days — Krispy Kreme doughnuts were the treat of choice. Cake was offered in the lunchroom for children with birthdays that month, too.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have state policy that encouraged parents to drop the birthday treats and have children bring in their favorite book instead? Perhaps a “Twain, not Twinkies” program? We could promote a love of literacy instead of contributing to a costly epidemic. It seems so logical; after all, education frequently competes for health care dollars.


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  1. Sean Hayford O'Leary Says:

    I don’t know, I think I agree with this District 41 person. Treats are fun and enjoyable, and I really don’t think the one caramel apple every three weeks is the problem here.

    Imagine if Northfield Public Schools stopped providing bus transit to anyone who lived within two-three miles of their school? Save the district a ton of money, which they could perhaps dump into a higher-quality lunch program (nothing quite so appetizing and healthful as the current rectangle of non-wheat pizza, appearing to be covered in days of residual grease (don’t even get me started on their [lack] of vegetarian options)). And (obviously) getting rid of most snack-food items, and offering healthier, organic alternatives.

    Combine the above and I see no problem with the occasional birthday cupcake.

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