Excelsior Energy has filed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Public Utilities Commission for its Mesaba Coal Gasification Plant.

Mesaba closer full site plan.jpg

It made the front page of the Mesabi Daily News:
Excelsior files for pact
Petition goes to state PUC for agreement on power purchase

Excelsior’s Press Release about PPA with a few details

But here’s the real poop — the filings:

PUC Docket: E6472/M-05-1993
Comment period expected to be open until January 26, 2006 (a staff best estimate at this time). PUC will send Notice.

Cover Letter, Petition, and Executive Summary

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

But let’s have some fun here. They’re limiting access to the filings to those who request them, and they have a special form, so let them know you’re watching and you want more info about it! Here’s that site:

Click here to register for Mesaba filings

Let them know we’re paying attention!

For example, pay attention to Section 1, starting at p. 37, and if you can read that without splitting a gut laughing or puking, well, you must work for Excelsior. And dig footnote 65, where they note that though we produce 20% of the world’s CO2, China consumes more coal than we do… so we’re supposed to develop this technology so they can use it? Ummmmm, color me addled by smog, but don’t those figures mean that they’ve already got something figured out about CO2 emissions that we don’t? But then again, look where reliance on coal gasification has gotten them — check their water pollution problems. Are WE paying attention?

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