And North East Independent School District, a school district in San Antonio, is reviewing their books. That school district, FYI, has a section in school library where parental permission is necessary to check out books? WTAF?


From the North East Independent School District website: “Feel free to email us at We welcome your comments, questions, or concerns.”

Have at it, let them know what you think.

A Texas school district is reviewing 400 library books after a GOP lawmaker’s inquiry

From the article:

“If a book needs to be moved from elementary to the secondary level or whether a book at the high school level needs to be placed in a separate section that requires parental permission,” she wrote.

“The idea is more of a reorganization and a reshuffle — the purpose is not to remove books.”

And on Krause’s effort:

But the Democratic vice chair of the panel says the inquiry is a waste of taxpayers’ money and educators’ time. State Rep. Victoria Neave says it’s an attempt to obscure facts and exploit a wedge issue for political gain.

And this:

Texas school district pulls 400 books from library shelves for review after legislator’s inquiry

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