New docket at Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, PUC Docket No. ET2/TL-21-434. To see all the filings, go HERE, and search for 21-434.

I filed a Reply Comment earlier today:

Comments due August 11, 2021 by 4:30 p.m.

You can eFile – easy to register and set up account, or your choice of these options:

Great River Energy, which had planned to shut down the Coal Creek plant instead early last month asked the member co-operatives for approval to sell it, and asked the Public Utilities Commission for permission to transfer ownership of the DC transmission line. And it’s the transmission line that’s at stake, that coal plant has been losing money forever, and they couldn’t give it away. So they tied it to transmission, a valuable asset with high return on investment and revenue for transmission service provided.

Remember that CU line transmission story? Search

So now this transmission line is at issue. Rumor has it the coal plant “sold” for $225 million (and rumored breakdown was $1 for the plant, and the rest the book value of the transmission line).

And the other “asset” is available funding and “45-Q” tax credits for “carbon capture.” Dig this… from the STrib article — CARBON CAPTURE!! What a farce. They be scammin’ a la Excelsior Energy/Tom Micheletti:

And another failure:

Power plant linked to idled U.S. carbon capture project will shut indefinitely -NRG

Anyway, back to this PUC Docket and “sale” of GRE’s Coal Creek coal plant. Here is GRE’s request:

And some of the comments, quite a few individual comments too (go HERE, and search for docket 21-434):

After which the Public Utilities Commission decided to expand the Comment period until August 11, 2021!

What’s open for Comments?

Have at it — you’ve got a week!

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