The “Recall City Hall” committee so screwed up the Petitions to recall Wards 1 & 2’s Dean Hove that they were all returned with this missive:

So now they have to start all over from zero, and yesterday, a new Petition was filed for certification:

AND, there’s a gathering tonight, at a CHURCH, to start the Petition drive, info posted on Shelley Pohlman’s (a/k/a Rena Marsh, etc.) Red Wing Minnesota News page:

“Bureaucrats paid by the City of Red Wing found technical reasons to reject the first petition, signed by hundreds of citizens, to recall Council member Dean Hove for participating in secret meetings in violation of Minnesota‚Äôs Open Meeting Law.” That’s not why!!! You’ll also find this false statement on the “Recall City Hall” page. Ummmmm… right. Let’s just keep that bs going…

… nevermind that they didn’t use the Certified petition when collecting signatures to recall Hove. Good grief — is this so hard to understand? The Hove petitions were not done as legally required!!

So tonight, head on down to the New River church. Let’s see if they’ll train the folks soliciting signatures not to lie and misrepresent the reasons for the recall. Look at the Recall City Hall site!!! SNORT! The Recall petitions are not about firing Pohlman… it has nothing to do with “lower taxes.” Let’s be clear this time folks, here’s your rationale (click for larger version):

Maybe Shelley will even put up the ENTIRE certified petition this time, rather than this half-assed snippet from earlier times (linked too!):

Maybe Shelley will even move up these 250 words to the TOP of the Recall City Hall page? Feature it up front so the world can read? Naaaaah, that would be too honest.

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