Last Thursday, Excelsior Energy was before the PUC with the boondoggle IGCC coal gasification plant from hell, asking for Commission blessing of transmission, “associated transmission” for a project that doesn’t exist, the project for which the PUC persistently refuses to approve the non-PPA and force it on Xcel raetpayers, the project about which LeRoy Koppendrayer, chair of PUC said, AGAIN, that “no one needs and no one wants” oh yes, here we all are wasting our time again…

Here are my ROUGH notes, sue me if they’re wrong… we on the opposition side sure can’t afford transcripts:


You’ll get the flavor… I got really frustrated with the way they’re yammering on this transmission, and avoiding the words “associated” and I couldn’t type when I was registering my objections… I was on the phone from far away and am just not that multi-task proficient… but at least the dogs weren’t barking in the background.

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