Is there a “Tim Pawlenty” in the House?  Message for a “Tim Pawlenty,” is “Tim Pawlenty” here?

As a friend said, “Maybe this is the beginning of the end?”  We can hope…

Pawlenty thinks he can veto the Transportation Bill?!?!?! Long overdue to put the state’s interests first, the Minnesota Legislature just gave the “Green Chameleon” a strong message smack upside the head.

Senate, House override Governor’s transportation veto

Special thanks to:

Rep. Jim Abeler

Rep. Rod Hamilton

Rep. Kathy Tinglestad

Rep. Bud Heidgerken

Rep. Ron Erhardt

Rep. Neil Peterson

Please take a few minutes and send them all an email of thanks – it’s easy, send to:

rep.(first name).(last name)

It’s good to know that sometimes people can be counted on to think about and vote for the public interest, the state’s interest, all of our interests, and buck party line to do it. THANKS!!!

I mean really… how many bridges have to collapse, how many people have to die, before he’ll admit that we need to spend money on the roads in Minnesota?

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