Look at Excelsior Energy ad, about its doomed and bloated IGCC coal gasification disaster called the Mesaba Project, printed in the Mesabi Daily News on February 22, 2008. Why is Excelsior Energy naming Range projects “PolyMet, Minnesota Steel, Franconia, US Steel and many others…” Excelsior doesn’t have a power purchase agreement with anyone, not a one of these companies listed… EH??? What’s upwith this? What’s Tom Micheletti trying to gain by association here? Some sense of legitimacy and need for the project? HA! “… the kind of energy our Mesaba Energy Project will produce.” Oh puh-leeeeeze, what a crock…

…and yes, I know, I know it’s sideways:


Here’s the pdf version so you can turn it around and see it in all its glory — I just can’t get the damn thing to save “landscape.” Hmmmm… what does that mean… well, it is Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project, after all, so of course it won’t save “landscape.”

Excelsior Energy ad – Mesabi DN Feb 22, 2008

So what gives? Why are they blathering this nonsense?


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