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Kyle Rittenhouse arrested in Illinois for fleeing, and charged with 1st degree Intentional Homicide, and more, in Wisconsin:


Contact the Wisconsin Attorney General and urge a full investigation of not only these murders and shootings, but the ties between Kenosha militia (and others) and Kenosha Police Dept., their coordination with militia in driving protesters towards them, and the role of militia and inciters to bring this about. Urge a U.S. Dept. of Justice investigation into Kenosha Police Department. https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ag/contact

Suspect Charged with Murder After 2 Shot Dead at Kenosha Protest

  • Wisconsin DOJ 608-266-1221
  • Gov. Tony Evers 414-227-4344

See him walking away? You’ll see that in the Military Vangard video below. And after that first shooting, this:

Tucker Carlson defends actions of teen charged in killings of Kenosha protesters

Contact Fox News – Tucker Carlson needs to be FIRED – link HERE

Watch this video:

Another video, can’t embed it (see Military Vanguard fb page):

“I just killed somebody” says Kyle Rittenhouse

#Breaking #KenoshaProtests 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse with a green shirt and assault rifle can be seen running from the scene saying: “I just killed somebody”

Posted by Military Vanguard on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Here’s another:

And Kenosha Police Department issue this:

Looking for him? Kyle Rittenhouse, a/k/a Kyle Lewis, of Antioch, Illinois. They had him after the shooting, and they had him before, right here:

“We appreciate you guys, we really do!

And some people wonder why people are out in the streets.

Here’s Kyle Rittenhouse a/k/a Kyle Lewis, of Antioch, Illinois:

Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha protest homicides, considered himself militia


Police press conference, OMFD, complete with passive voice and claim that Rittenhouse was there “to resolve the situation,” another OMFD:


Here he is in 2017:

Apparently Rittenhouse’s mother drove him up to Kenosha. Is that who he was calling after he shot that first person who fell between the cars, saying “I just killed someone” and she came and picked him up (how did he get back to Illinois otherwise?). Sounds like she’s an accessory:

Kyle Rittenhouse in front row at Des Moines tRump rally

Here’s a photo from that rally:

Read the missive below, and recall the video above where the Kenosha Guard is trying to be all chummy with the police, and Paul Swick, local III%, going back and forth with Kenosha Guard. fb has taken down the Kenosha Guard and Armed Citizens… pages and posts of their “event” for last night. Scroll down for Infowars promotion!

Militia guy said cops told him, “Do you know what the cops told us today? We’re going to push them to you, because you can deal with them, then we’re going to leave.”

Other links for when they start taking links down:

Infowars promotion of the militia recruiting:


The Kenosha Guard, a local militia, is making a call-to-arms for “any patriots willing to take up arms and defend our city tonight from evil thugs.” The groups Facebook warns of potential future destruction to the neighborhood, claiming that there is “no doubt they’re currently planning on the next part of the city tonight!” [fb or the Kenosha Guard has taken the link down]

The Facebook event scheduled for 8PM at Civic Center Park today, outlines the agenda asking for “Armed Citizens to Protect our Lives and Property.” [fb or the Kenosha Guard has taken the link down]

The meet-up outlines that, “law enforcement is outnumbered and our Mayor has failed, Take up arms and lets defend our CITY! Meet at civic center at 8PM,” This was captured by the Rundown Live as thousands of Wisconsin protesters joined the Kenosha residents and things quickly turned violent, leaving vehicles, buildings in shambles and several injured.

A local resident who asked to remain anonymous, told the Rundown Live that the community is fed up with the looting and that law enforcement is not protecting local businesses, just federal buildings.” The individual suggested there are “many locals who share his sentiment and that” and that he is ” all for peaceful protests but we are not going to stand by and watch our city burn.”

This may have been inspired by other boogaloo movements such as in Michigan, but subsequently a result of the destruction of private property. A few brave locals came out armed last night to protect their businesses in Kenosha. The armed militia attempted to stop looters and rioters.

10 Responses to “White supremacist vigilante kills 2 in Kenosha”

  1. Edward Murphy Says:

    After 3+ months of democratic Marxist rioting and destroying so many businesses I’m shocked that only 2 protesters have been killed. If things don’t settle I’m sure there will be more. 5 black men and women were killed in Minn by the protesters so this is out of control already.

  2. Kill Them All Says:

    This is excellent. I predict many more people standing up to these rioters. They ALL need to be shot and killed.

  3. Ian Says:

    Not Boogaloo. Boogaloo are anti-police, anti-government. The shooter was not Boogaloo, he was pro-police. This is damaging false info, as many boogaloo are pro BLM.

  4. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Ian – note the “Boogaloo” is a screenshot, not my commentary. This is a compilation of what’s out there, and the screenshot is saying he’s NOT Boogaloo, that he’s a Blue Line fanatic.

  5. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Viva Las Vegas! Your emails have been reported and added to my file.

  6. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Edward Murphy – “5 black men and women were killed in Minn by the protesters so this is out of control already.” FALSE. Also, you’ll find that the violence and fires were done at the hands of the white supremacists, many from outside the city. Look at the arrest records, DOH!

  7. Death to BLM Says:

    Need more kyle’s out there filling these pieces of trash with lead!

  8. Public Says:

    This mental instability you got going on here is pathetic; I’m all for free speech but this isn’t that this is a raging dumpster fire of deceit and playing the victim.

  9. August Says:

    Boogaloo is *not* anti-government. It’s a term for when two opposing sides can no longer live side by side. Antifa contains communists and anarchists. Communists are against our government, and anarchists are against government and authorities. Communists and Antifa merged in Antifa, but I’m not sure if would be permanent since they also have strongly opposing philosophies.

  10. LS856 Says:

    White supremacist now? Holy shit, the level of fake news to incite hate and violence on the otherside is astonishing. YOU the fake media is the reason why our country is going to shit.

    Instead of publishing a bias narrative, why don’t you try giving the public the truth? The truth is that a kid answered a call to help local business and even the violent rioters. He came there to help provide first aid.
    They attacked him and he had to shoot in self defense. Try that for a news jackass.

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