YEAAA FAMILY FARE! They’re taking a positive step today!

I’d noticed on the couple of essential trips out that too many retail workers weren’t wearing masks, in particular Family Fare, our local grocery store, Kwik Trip (the folks who brought tRump to LaCrosse), Target, and Dollar Tree. Failure to wear masks is a direct contradiction to CDC recommendation:

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

The CDC Face Mask page is HERE with more links!

So I’ve been contact the local retail outlet and also the HQ. That’s because employees are in a really bad spot, and if they push for PPE for themselves, offering another layer of protection for themselves and the public, they could very well lose their jobs! So outside pressure is needed, and hey, I’m stuck in front of a computer all day, so I’m on it.

Back and forth with Kwik Trip, they’re supposedly providing masks, and it’s employee’s option to wear them. Nope, not good enough. I’ve sent them the above CDC recommendation, no word back yet.

I just heard from Dollar Tree, sent the CDC link, and they were as lazy-unfaire about it (contact email hard to find, had to use fb messenger, but it did get through), so I sent them the Family Fare response as an example of the way to handle it.

What way is that? Well, after my second go round with Family Fare, I got an email yesterday from the umbrella corp,, which said:

Thank you, SpartanNash for stepping up!

Now, contact Gov. Walz to extend STAY HOME until at least we’ve reached peak cases and the number of new confirmed cases has decreased for at least 14 days! 651-201-3400.

CLICK HERE for the White House criteria for opening up!

We’re not there yet, not even close:

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