November 23rd, 2019

In the STrib today:

Shakopee pilot crashes into high-voltage power lines, escapes without injury

By Liz Sawyer Star Tribune November 23, 2019 — 8:57pm

A Shakopee pilot is unscathed after crashing his small propeller plane into a cluster of high-voltage power lines in rural Scott County on Saturday afternoon.

Thomas Koskovich, 65, was flying south in his single engine Piper Cub when he became entangled, upside down, in the wires. Once power to the lines was cut, Shakopee fire crews pulled Koskovich safely from his cockpit. He was the sole occupant.

Xcel Energy remained on the scene, near a field on the 2500 block of 150th Street in Louisville Township, well into Saturday night working to extract the plane.

“This incident could have been much worse,” Sheriff Luke Hennen said in a statement. “We are grateful the pilot was able to walk away without any injuries.”


Per the Sheriff’s report, linked above:

Initial investigation indicated that the plane, a single engine prop Piper Cub was traveling south, hit a cluster of power lines and became suspended on a guideline, upside down.  Once the power line was de-energized, the pilot was rescued from the plane.  

Also from the Sheriff’s press release, another photo — the one at the top is from the Sheriff’s office too:

Amazing that the powerline can hold that plane up! Like WOW!

That pilot did a lot better than this moose (a totally separate incident). He was lowered back to the ground, but was injured and was put down. And yes, that’s REAL NEWS! Just ask snopes!

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