Energy tour — NUCLEAR!

October 27th, 2019

Here’s the Kewaunee nuclear plant, owned and operated by Dominion. “Dominion was attempting in 2008 to put together a network of second-hand nuclear plants to produce electricity for the wholesale market. However, the plan was thwarted by cheaper natural gas prices that allowed electric producers to cut rates to big customers, making the Kewaunee plant too expensive to continue operating.”

No plans yet for Kewaunee nuclear power plant land, officials report

What struck me driving by was the 60s Jetsons’ like look, the blue paint on the reactor and other buildings.

My photo doesn’t show it off as well as those above. But for the record, as I was taking photos, a guard (?), security person, staff of some sort came rushing out and was most upset that I was taking photos! I immediately introduced myself and handed him my card, he wrote down my license plate number, and even said, “Well, you could be ISIS!” Right… 63 y.o. old fart attorney, I mean really, ISIS? Paranoia… if I was going to blow up a nuclear plant I would have done that ages ago, before spending 25 years dealing with nuclear and other sorts of energy, DOH!

He wanted to know what I was taking photos of, well, the plant, he was concerned about the substation, and, well, I just took a photo of the plant, and of the Dominion sign… here that is below:

Pretty exciting stuff, eh? We continued south to Pt. Beach, but it’s way down “Nuclear Road” and hidden behind trees and a long way down a road from the plant.

As you can see, the sun was setting, getting too dark for photos, so I’ll get back to Two Creeks Solar another time. But the sunset was amazing!

So let’s be clear, the most I’ll do is enlarge these nuclear photos, and not blow them up!!!

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