So first there was this “Agreement” between BSII partners and the Minnesota Department of Commerce:

BS II Agreement – sans appendices

And then GRE and SMMPA pull out of the deal (smart move, eh?)

So now it’s on the PUC’s agenda for Thursday, October 11, and the PUC’s question is “[w]hat procedural actions should the Commission take at this time, given the apparent change in participation by two of the Applicants?” Hmmmm… “apparent” change, what more do they need to make that real? Anyway, here’s the Staff Briefing Papers on this:

Briefing Papers for Oct 11 PUC meeting

Though staff states that options 1 and 4 in the Briefing Papers are not what they’d recommend, here’s what I’d recommend: BE DONE WITH IT! Yes, Option 4:

4. Dismissing the application without prejudice, requiring the Applicants to file a new
application if they wish to proceed with a revised project.

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