Yes, the plot is thickening. filed a Complaint of Ex Parte contact over Excelsior Energy’s last minute email to hundreds of people imploring them to send emails to the PUC Commissioners. Ex Parte Complaint

Of particular concern was this letter from Deputy Commissioner Ed Garvey:

 Ed Garvey Promo Letter

And at the time, submitted this objection and tried to have it tossed out: Motion to Strike

The ALJ, Eric Lipman, started an investigation, and the PUC produced these documents:

Documents from PUC with ALJ’s 9-14 missive

Well, if you pay attention to the letter at the start of the above packet, you’ll see that Dr. Haar had said they were digging through files, and sure enough, there was more:

Documents unearthed 9-30-07

It seems Senator Tomassoni is “considering” an affidavit — HE HASN’T MADE A STATEMENT UNDER OATH ABOUT THIS.  Now let’s see, if Rep. Mike Beard frankly admits under oath that he was contacted by Julie Jorgensen herself, isn’t it likely that Tomassoni was too?  I sure want a statement under oath.

Soooooo, to get that, to push for that, I’ve sent in requests for subpoenas to get those statements from both Sen. Tomassoni and Deputy Commissioner Ed Garvey about ex parte contact and their missives.   Meanwhile, the ALJ decision on our ex parte Complaint is due today, or probably tomorrow given the “holiday.”  We’ll see how this goes… keep an eye out

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