It’s been one of those times, after the computer crash getting everything together again, and doing that on the road, what a mess. But here’s an update, from after a quick trip to Denver for Nancy LaPlaca and Andy Bardwell’s wedding, we took a few days out in SD, in the Black Hills and Badlands. It’s been 40 years or so since I’ve been there, and for sure, everything shrunk! Except for the Crazy Horse Memorial. But on the way back, look what was going on:











It’s soooooooooo sad. There’s a whole lotta diggin’ goin’ on… it’s the 345kV “It’s for wind NOT” line. What? Not for wind??? Yup, here’s why:

Transmission for Dummies – #2
It’s NOT for WIND!


Watching that go up, it’s so depressing, such a clear loss. Worse, it’s the prep for CapX 2020. AAAAAAAAGH!








But where there’s CapX 2020, there’s!!

And an interesting factoid. I’d expected the conductors to be arranged in delta, but noooooo, take a close look here. They’re vertical, all on one side, and look at these flanges that are on the other side — ready and waiting to add another three arm and another 2085 MVA capacity!









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