“New” portable office

July 20th, 2019

Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB

For years, ever since we got our pop-up in 2015, we’ve been using it as a portable office, PUC hearings, client meetings… here’s from a stay in Big Bog (worst ever!) for the Great Northern transmission line road show, I think this was the DOE EIS public hearings. Such intense rain that the Rainy River was overflowing its banks, some roads closed, and then, after the rain, the bugs, worst ever, black flies and mosquitoes so thick that their carcasses are still stuck in the windows!

’97 Palomino Yearling at Big Bog 12e

Myre-Big Island State Park very convenient for Freeborn Wind doings:

Fast forward to 2019, after 170+ days in the pup, we’ve gotten more than our $$$ worth, and I’m wanting longer trips and longer distances, if timing works out, maybe heading south for some of the winter… maybe a chance to do some work with asylum seekers at the border? Sooooo… a new portable office?

It’s wired, office ready, and so am I!!

YES!!! A 2012 Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB! I’ve been looking for quite a while, figuring out what works and what doesn’t (a 2004 R-Vision Cassette does not, but sold that easily, WHEW!) so now I can buy something. These 15RB’s are rare, and I’ve been ready to leap, but the only reasonable ones were in Indiana, then one popped up in Iowa, and it sold in a couple hours! Then Thursday, one posted late, so I sent a missive, it was just after they closed, and then early Friday, we headed up to Little Falls. Pretty much hook & book! It’s ours!

Time for the best of all worlds, a 15RB is light, self-contained for a quick “jump in and snooze” on the road to somewhere, and when settled in, an easy fold-out tent bunk for that camping feel, and it’s as large as the pop up when the bunk is folded out. The front dinette is at least a foot longer, and maybe a foot wider too. AC for days like yesterday! I mean really, what does 122 feel like? I don’t want to know!

So if this rain ever stops, and it probably won’t be today, we’ll figure out what goes in this trailer, what we don’t need, and how this will work, and then get the pop-up ready to sell. That will be hard, I’m SO attached, but this one will be easy to get used to!

It’s HUGE!
Not that this would be used as designed… but I’ve got these great biodegradable “human bags” for use in the boat! And the shower, it’s tall enough to help contain the water, but I’m not confident that a shower is anything but looking for trouble with mold and rot.

It’s Little Sadie approved, although the rainstorm is NOT! We’ll see how this works!

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