Tails from the Fourth Estate — odd this is happening during a Northfield Issues list about editorial changes in the Northfield News, good bye Guest Columns, hello ????

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One thing I think we have gained with the new Editor/Publisher is a “been there, done that” common sense that comes with a lot of years at the helm.

Northfield News is issuing a correction to its false and boneheaded sub-headline from last Saturday – they’ve read the judge’s order, Louie Seesz, Editor/Publisher and Mark Anfinson, Esq. are in utter and obvious agreement that the paper’s sub-headline isn’t true, and they’ll issue a correction. It’s a start. What’s a false claim like that worth?

Methinks compensatory damages ought to include a monthly Guest Column! Sound equitable?

Now, will any of the Rice County defendants read the Correction? Or their attorney?

(if you’re feeling the urge to buy a gross of these, here’s the link, and only $2.50 apiece!)

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