Map from the Cardinal-Hickory Creek project page

The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission project docket is slogging forward at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Today, Direct testimony of intervenors was due, and there was a LOT of it.

To view the docket filings, go HERE and at “Case #” plug in docket “05-CE-146” and search.

Here are some of the more interesting filings:

Yes, “Wellinghoff” is THAT Wellinghoff, Jon Wellinghoff, former Chair of FERC. It’s amazing what one can do if there’s money to spend.

Check out the PSC testimony — the short of it is that the applicant’s haven’t proven up their case. I’ve not read Powers yet, but he’s probably saying the same thing.

We’re focused on the individual hardships if it were to go on this land:

Lots and lots of reading to do, there’s some great testimony in here.

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