In Wisconsin, Farmers May Soon Be Milking The Profits of Solar Energy Instead of Cows

From the piece, Alan Jewell:

ALAN JEWELL: To an accountant, it’s dirt. To somebody that works with the land and fields, it’s a partnership. And so it’s not an element to buy or sell. It’s an element to respect.

WHITES-KODITSHEK: Residents like Alan Jewell fear that a utility-scale solar project will destroy the natural beauty and farming legacy here. More than a million 15-foot-tall solar panels and their machinery could dot this rolling farm landscape. Jewell says the state has no citing rules specific to solar. He says the county board didn’t fully study the unknowns and rushed to support the project. Jewell says neighbors haven’t been promised large enough setbacks or noise controls from the inverters.

JEWELL: Nobody has taken the time to think this through.

That’s right, there are NO rules:

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