I was tooling around the web, getting worked up about the National Petroleum Council’s latest crock o’ lies, lo and behold it’s just like the ConocoPhillips Dog & Pony show!

And then somehow I ended up on a couple Carbon Capture & Storage sites cross referencing each other and Harry Jaeger… and then this choice study pops up on Harry’s site, What’s so hot (and not) about Chilled Ammonia for CO2 Capture, and there’s a report linked in the Comment section that is one you need to download and save. The Carbon Capture Capers post at A Significant Distraction also discusses it, but it’s not linked, said it was on Greenwire.

Here it is, for your reading pleasure, by link (you have to register for “trial”):

Chilled Ammonia-based Wet Scrubbing for Post Combustion CO2 Capture

And here it is, direct:

(doesn’t want to upload)

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