Presidential Alert?

October 3rd, 2018

“Presidential Alert” is a type of “alert.”  What?  Weather alert? No… Disaster alert – that’s a likely Presidential thing.  But really, what is the point of this?

I got three.  Each wants me to say, “OK.”  Ummmmmmm, no.  And screen won’t go away, apparently unless I hit “OK.”  So taking battery out.

And btw, I had my phone set on vibrate and it still shrilly beeped.  So it overrides the “vibrate” setting.

FEMA has a page on this:

The IPAWS National Test

And an email for comments:

Three issues for me:

1) Supposed to be a FEMA alert, but it says “Presidential Alert.”  WHAT?  WHY?

2) It overrode my vibrate setting and screeched. WHAT? HOW? WHY?

3) It said “OK.”  No, not OK. NO option to say “Not OK.”

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