Tomorrow morning, at long last, the 6 year long rulemaking for Minn. Rules Ch. 7849 and 7850 is before the Public Utilities Commission.

Rules and rulemaking are important — rules are the guide to how administrative sausage is made.  A little history…  Way back when in 2011, I’d filed “Overland Petition for Rulemaking-7850” back in March, 2011.  Did it trigger, inspire, the opening of this Minn. Rules Ch. 7849 and 7850 docket in December, 2012?  Who knows…

I’ve also filed a Petition to OAH,  Petition for Rulemaking Ch. 1400-1405 & PPSAComments, also March, 2011.  Shortly after that, ALJ Lipman published some proposed rule change with NOTICE and proposed rules (ACK!), and I filed this Overland Comments-OAH Rulemaking Oct. 31,2012  Can you tell the proposed rules were dreadful?  There’s no excuse… those proposals disappeared, and I sure hope they don’t resurface.  Ive also filed Overland_MPCA_Petition for Rulemaking re: Wind Noise, Minn. R. Ch. 7030. and got this in return:


Anyway, back to tomorrow’s rulemaking for Minn. Rules Ch. 7849 and 7850.

You can watch the Live Webcast!

The draft rules going before the Commission are here:

Staff Briefing Papers, Chart of Changes, and Draft Rules_20187-145121-01

Yeah, it’s 210 pages long.  The Staff Briefing Papers contain an explanation of issues raised and changes proposed or not taken up; the charts for 7849 and 7850 are an “easy” way to review the issues and changes, and the specific 7849 and 7850 rules with strikeouts and underlinings follow.

To review the full docket, go to eDockets and search for docket 12-1246 — in the box below the “Search” button, “12” and in the box below the “Clear” button, “1246.”  Note how extensive it is.  It’s been six years.  My guess is that everyone who was an active participant in this put in at least 150 hours.  Consider that.  It’s about time we get this moving, and on to the next rulemaking, WIND, Minn. R. Ch. 7854.

Oh, and yet another Petition filed on Monday to grease the skids:

Just filed – Petition for Wind Siting Rulemaking


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