Ballot issue for Special Election for Red Wing and Goodhue County!  Above is an example — see link below for example of each ballot form at issue.  Each race is supposed to have a write in option below the candidates listed.  There’s no “write-in” option for County and City Offices.  OOPS!  It’s not there.  Sooooooo…

The following was filed in Goodhue County District Court:

Petition, Notice of Hearing and Proposed Order


Friday, July 20, 2018 @ 8:30 a.m.

Goodhue County Justice Center

454 West 6th Street

Red Wing, Mn  55066

Here’s the proposed Order, and here’s how I’d amend it in red:



1. The City of Red Wing’s August 14, 2018 special election ballots that do not contain a write-in blank are invalid.

2. The corrected ballots coordinated by Goodhue County that include a write-in blank are valid.

3. All ballots submitted for the August 14, 2018 special election on the invalid ballots are hereby declared spoiled.

4. Goodhue County, by and through Respondent Holmsten, is directed to mail a letter to individuals who have either received the invalid ballot via U.S. Mail or who have already voted via in-person absentee ballot using the invalid ballot, or who submit an invalid ballot following issuance of this order, a letter explaining the error and, if necessary, enclosing a new, corrected ballot.

Why?  Because it’s a little too loosey-goosey.  People won’t know about this and may have an invalid ballot at home and just haven’t sent it in yet.  We need to keep an eye on these to assure people are not disenfranchised due to this screw up!  Vigilance is required!

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