NO NEW COAL PLANTS at the MREA Energy Fair!

Here’s the booth, complete with requisite gas mask.  This is just after a brief storm as the Fair was closing last night.  Hot day from the start,  I must confess that mid-day we took a “time out” and splashed around in the motel pool.  What decadence…mrea-helencaldicott.JPG
Helen Caldicott was Friday’s speaker, and as Alan said, “She was her usual self… saying what she thinks.”  She was plugging her book, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer.  She also announced a new report called “Roadmap for a Carbon Free and Nuclear Free Future” that’s supposed to be on her site,  I wanted to know what she was proposing, and nope, it’s not at, and I’ve asked where it is.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  So I don’t have any review to offer on that… grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

OH-OH… It’s raining and the roof of the display tent is bound to have collapsed, it was wrecked in a rain a while back and pieces are missing, and I don’t even want to know…

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