I’ve got a tooth ache, the one that a big chunk broke out of at an MEP Legislative meeting year before last, and my brain, in pain, goes mainly down the drain.

Someone recently suggested a return to sumptuary laws given the class chasm in society these days. And then I remembered (urp) Katherine Kersten’s recent article:

Lessons of a dress code go far beyond NBA

A classic example of her “logic” could even argue for dress codes within marriage!

Basketball develops “we-ness,” says Buri — the ability to turn away from self and operate as part of a team. This quality is vital to success in life. Buri uses marriage as an example. A good marriage requires the ability to control frustration, take criticism well and resist blaming others for our failures. Rightly played, basketball can teach all these qualities.

How far is it from NBA dress codes to sumptory laws — can’t you just see this playing out, fashion police on the prowl.

There’s this great site about Elizabethan Sumptuory Statutes

Who Wears What I
– Enforcing Statutes of Apparel

Who Wears What II – Enforcing Statutes of Apparel

Concerning Ruffs, Hose and Swords

Sure enough, I do a search on Elizabethan fashion and find this Ruff:

Elizabethan collar.JPG


Concerning Horses

Jeeeeeez, everybody’s a critic — something about a review of Elizabethan fashion is not complete without pieces of cod? OK, fine, whatever:


Everybody happy???

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