There’s at least one, and I believe 2, federal court hearings today on tRump’s Executive Order 13769, the one banning refugees and immigrants from 7 countries, the one that has left people detained at airports, prohibited to get on plans, people who have been thoroughly vetted over 2+ years, people who have green cards, people who are LEGAL immigrants to this country.  One would think that with the scrutiny surrounding this Executive Order, they’d be cautious.  Nope.  They’re not.

Norway’s former Prime Minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik, was detained!  His passport noted the 2014 visit, he was a speaker at a human rights conference.  His passport was a diplomatic passport, and said that he was a former Prime Minister of Norway.

Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran

Former PM Bondevik’s detention should be sufficient to get even the most reticent Norwegians sanding stoically in the streets!

Meanwhile, the long slow process of taking this administration down piece by piece has begun.  May this be the beginning of the end of the tRump administration.  So much damage and it’s only been two weeks.

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