Risser’s at it again

March 5th, 2007


As I read the first sentence, I knew it could only be Julie, she has the most beautiful bathroom just like the one above, like my aunt MiMi who had the same in seafoam green and charcoal grey, with the fish wallpaper:

In praise of the ’50s bathroom

As an art historian and an environmental advocate who lives in a 1950s rambler I was shocked by your “50s Tile Restyled” piece in which those of us with Pepto-Bismol pink, screaming green, yellow or black tiled bathrooms should take heart: “Can’t dump it? Dress it up” — rip it out, resurface it, or reglaze it. Just don’t enjoy it!

Bathrooms tiled during the 1950s reflect the philosophy of that era — they were designed to last and have an inherent sense of optimism and energy. One of my bathroom floors has sculpted/high glazed maroon tiles and buff-surface/shaved pale pink and medium pink tiles. They are arranged in a repetitive jazzy 1920s inspired pattern. A border of maroon tiles creates a smooth transition between the floor and the wall. The wall is tiled with larger medium pink tiles and caped with a maroon border. In the other bathroom the dominant tile color is coral. There is no set design in the floor — rather a random spray of white, coral and pinkish brown squares and rectangles dance before ones eyes.

This rip-out and replace mentality creates waste and unnecessary expense. What next? Perhaps a piece encouraging people to tear out those pesky plaster walls?


Think she’s overstating her case? I went in search of a photo of the perfect bathroom, and of course it’s there, and above. But wait…

CLICK HERE: Let’s destroy a beautiful bathroom!
Here’s what’s left of that bathroom:

pinkcharcoalgreydestroyed.jpg  oh barf…

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