Douglas County Arrowhead Agreement

September 29th, 2005

A-W 2.jpg

Finally, ATC has forwarded the Agreement it made with Douglas County. ATC had made a Motion to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to shut down the Arrowhead docket, saying, “we’ve got a deal, game over.” The judge hadn’t even seen the deal!

Here’s the deal between Douglas County and WPS/ATC: Download file

Let’s see if I’ve added this up right:

Market Value of Timber ?

Easement/Appraisal 88,500

Existing Easement 229,500

Impact Fees ?

Legal 15,000

Staff Cost 118,064

Economic Devo Fund 119,000

Community Contributions 40,000

TOTAL: 570,064

Is my math right?

ATC had not filed the agreement with the PSC, so I did, and it was accepted almost immediately. My Reply filing still hasn’t been accepted. Reply Brief: Download file

My goal was to make this deal public. Mission Accomplished.

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