It never ends…

Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission has deemed a recent letter from the attorney for American Transmission Company asking the PSC to reconsider reopening the Arrowhead docket a “Motion” and that means we can reply, and have 10 days to do that in under the rules. They want it closed because an Agreement has been reached with Douglas County, Wisconsin that will allow the line to be built. The Agreement, however, has not been filed and was not served with the letter!

Here’s ATC’s missive: Download file

Here’s World Organization for Landowner Freedom’s Reply: Download file

We want the PSC to require that ATC file the Agreement it made with Douglas County and any other parties, serve it on all the Intervenors in the Arrowhead case, and then want the PSC to make a determination as to whether the agreement does indeed equitably address all the issues in the open docket. If so, docket closed, and if not, docket open. It’s that simple!

I asked whether it was filed, if the judge had a copy, and here’s the response from the PSC woman in the know:

Ms. Overland,

To answer your question about the agreement, David Whitcomb has not seen it nor does he believe anyone has asked that it be filed with the PSC.

Adela Felic
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
PO Box 7854
Madison, WI 53707-7854
Phone: 608-266-1262
Fax: 608-266-3957

Well, it’s been asked for now! We’ll see…

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