Steve Corneli, V.P., NRG (fair use, from VOA)

Folks, this too is hilarious! A little bovine forwarded this article:

Science and Business Leaders Sign Climate Change Plan

In that article is most disturbing news:

Traditional coal-burning power plants are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. But Steven Corneli of NRG, one of America’s largest power producers, says his corporation is exploring a technology that takes the carbon dioxide out of coal before it’s burned at the power plant, without harming profitability.

“The way that is done,” says Corneli, “is to heat the coal up in a controlled atmosphere, which degrades it into combustible gases. These gases then can be cleaned up to remove the vast majority of the regular pollutants.”

During the next stage of the process, the carbon dioxide is chemically taken out of the gas stream and captured, and the combustible portion of the gas is run through a regular power generator and turned into electricity.

This statement is from the guy who wrote two of the most important reports to come out of the A.G.’s office:

Corneli on Stranded Assets

The Electricity Deregulation Experience

These reports were two of those DUH! moments in history. The stranded assets report was such a hoot. It was at a time when NSP was at the legislature going on about how they’d have to be compensated for their “stranded costs” because they claimed the nuclear plants wouldn’t be workable under deregulation, and in walks Corneli with the report that says, “Earth to Mars, these nuclear plants aren’t ‘stranded costs,’ they’re stranded assets.” In short, NSP ought to be paying US!! And not only that, he noted that NSP owed us a rate decrease!

The deregulation report was much the same, and it pretty much ended discussion of deregulation in Minnesota. How stupid did NSP think we were, we’re a low cost state, and if deregulated, costs would logically rise to meet the level in the cesspool… er… market.

This is the same Steve Corneli? Stumping for IGCC???? How can this be? Looks like I’m going to have to rough him up in the hall again… er… have a little discussion…

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