Delaware nixes NRG’s IGCC

February 22nd, 2007

EEEEEE-HA!!!! It’s not over, but I’d guess the fat lady is about to sing!
Dig this! Yesterday, Delmarva, the utility, released its report, a thorough well done analysis, similar to that of MN Dept. of Commerce. Today, the state’s independent consultant released another analysis, along the same lines. These reports compare and evaluate the three bids, wind, natural gas, and NRG’s IGCC:

Delmarva RFP Bid Evaluation Report

Delaware Independent Consultant Report

I’ll pull out some choice quotes — but there’s a lot going on so don’t hold your breath…

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  1. Alan Muller Says:

    This is an important step, but far from the end of the fight.

    The report we have here is from Delmarva Power, the utility proposed to be forced to sign a contract with NRG. We always knew they didn’t want to to so.

    Tomorrow we are supposed to get a report from the “State Agencies.”

    Maybe the most interesting thing I have seen in this so far is the coal/wind cost numbers.

    Comparing a 600 MW IGCC with a 600 MW wind park, Delmava Power concludes:

    “Bluewater’s [wind] best price bid has customers paying approximately $2.0 billion above market and reduces market variability by only 36%. NRG’s best price bid has customers paying approximately $3.9 billion above market and actually increases market variability to customers.” [Note, though, that we are probably NOT considering similar amounts of electricity….]

    “Conectiv [180 MW gas turbine bid] was ranked the highest in the overall bid evaluation scores for each of the bids with a score of 66.7. Bluewater’s and NRG’s highest ranked bids scored, respectively, 50.4 and 20.5.”

    Thanks Carol, for taking an interest in our fight in Delaware!

    Alan Muller
    Green Delaware

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