Susan Hedman

Susan Hedman, head of EPA Region 5 has resigned.  I remember how thrilled I was to see that Susan Hedman, formerly of ELPC in Chicago, was appointed to head EPA Region 5.  I’d dealt with her a little during the Florence Nuclear Waste Daze, when she was an attorney on staff at ELPC, and was impressed with her knowledge and abilities, and was glad to have someone in charge that I believe would take the reins and enforce the law.  How does someone like her screw up so badly, so irresponsibly?  Wow…

Flint water crisis: EPA regional administrator resigns

EPA Administrator Quits Amid Flint Water Crisis

EPA regional chief in Chicago resigns in connection with Flint water crisis

Susan Hedman, regional EPA official, resigns over Flint water crisis

As for EPA responsibility, Hedman did a dodge and weave, and duck and cover:


EPA chief defends agency’s handling of Flint crisis

EPA admits fault, blames Michigan officials over Flint

EPA Implicated in Cover-up of Flint Water Crisis

State View: Federal EPA’s delays on Flint show complete gov’t failure

EPA passive on Flint water

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  1. Alan Muller Says:

    I’ve been very poorly impressed by the performance of Region 5 over the past few years. Of course the EPA is a puzzle palace and it’s hard to fix responsibility, but Hedman’s failure to act on the Flint water debacle is inexcusable and she needs to go. We need an RA that will crack the whip over Minnesota’s agencies.

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