Stephanie3Photo by David Kamis, taken after Stephanie’s ducks were assassinated

Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for Stephanie Henricksen.  It’s at the UCC in Northfield, gathering at 10 a.m. and service is at 11 a.m. with lunch following.

Stephanie4Photo by Kathleen Doran-Norton, of Stephanie, and there’s Dave & Flo Minar in the background

Here are a couple of posts about her:

Stephanie Henriksen will be missed

Stephanie Henriksen at Northfield Arts Guild

Key issues to think about — Family Farms


This is a video made of her walking through her “Retrospective” showing at the Northfield Arts Guild, talking about her work.  This is the link, can’t get it to embed properly:

Stephanie Henriksen: Retrospective on Vimeo

And here’s Stephanie dashing out of the store with a dress over her arm:



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